Digital Transformation at STC Company Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Digital Transformation at STC Company Case study Solution 

How this is impacting

Network optimization, customer retention and high profit returns

The transition to the 3rd platform – Big Data and Analytics (BDA), cloud computing, social media, mobile computing – is digitally transforming almost every aspect of enterprises’ and individuals’’ lives. Additionally, a new round of the technology breakthroughs such as next generation security, natural interfaces and robotics is ready to bring further disruption. The application of the data analytics could help the business in network optimization, customer retention and high profit returns.

Strong customer value proposition

The global telecom industry is facing a highly saturated mobile market as well as robust competition from both tech entrants as well asthe incumbents. As a result, of which they are locked in fierce price war. In order to stop losing money, develop strong customer value proposition and to get a cutting edge over the market competition; the most forward thinker players are choosing to adopt data science, big data and analytics to lift revenues, improve customer experience and increase the marketing effectiveness(Prasadh, 2019).

Innovative opportunities

The requirements to meet the data demand, rise of social media and innovative converging industry ecosystem, interconnected markets and technology developments, are creating innovative opportunities for the market players and require communication service providers to transform around the capabilities of high-performing network with the objective of future growth based on what the customers need and want in the digital world. Thus, on account of the robust impact of the digital trends in the telecommunication in  dusty; the STC Company has decided to undergoa digital transformation.(Vantara, 2019).


In order to pursue targeted value-creating opportunities and lead the market, STC Company is recommended various actions which are as follows;

  1. The agility of the network operations: which could be done through increasing automation as well as the ability to quickly respond to the clients’ requirements. The company is advised to improve the customer engagement through meeting the customer expectations for problem resolution and delivery, make new and customized offerings based on data analytics.
  2. The company must focus on automated processes, AI customer service and cloud-based hosting to reduce the running cost and cost of its offering to remain financially competitive in the industry.
  3. Additionally, the company should pursue automation and simplification of various backbone IT system and processes, such as: server-ticket management, load balancing and server provisioning. Such changes would not only generate cost efficiencies but also offer greater flexibility in terms of load volumes and service capacity.
  4. The company must deploy automated tools for operations and developments, integrate soloed application platform to order to centralize the data to address the analytics and mobility, use data analytics for balanced utilization, continual-improvements and new opportunities.(Lakhani, 2020).
  5. The sophisticated analytics tools and BI technologies are of high importance in reducing churn, improving the sales and reducing the operating cost....................
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