DIENA Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

DIENA Case Solution

This article desires the students to draw a fresh organization structure diagram for a rapidly evolving company. Over the 1990s, with the aid of Swedish investors the entrepreneurial company lives the ups and downs of the transition economy to develop a top national paper.

Externally from the Latvian capital, gettingnew sources of increase, A/S DIENA enlarges in 1997 to set up a decentralized network of community papers highlighting employee ownership and a separation of functions between editors and publishers, the Regional Press Group. By 2001, however, the community paper market is decreasing, the Regional Press Group isn't yet rewarding, and a Western-style gain planning system is matched with some opposition by former state workers. The selection stage focuses on the best way to redesign the Regional Press Group and its interactions with the other business units of A/S DIENA and the national paper.

This is just an excerpt. This case is about  FINANCE & ACCOUNTING

PUBLICATION DATE: September 07, 2001 PRODUCT #: 102001-HCB-ENG


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