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Design Thinking and Innovation

Design Thinking

Design thinking can be illustrated as a tool that makes use of the designer’s susceptibility, responsiveness and techniques to match the desired needs and wants with what is scientifically possible and what a feasible business approach or strategy can renovate into client value and marketplace opportunity.

Today’s corporate sector came across many complicated troubles that are part of progressively more multifaceted business models. Constant growths of worldwide connections, which are completely supported by joint ventures that can span big ecosystems, generate both exceptional opportunities and exceptional dispute for businesses. These complex challenges require multi-dimensional way outs and have a need of departing away from fundamental rules of business related existing products and services. Now here design thinking has an optimistic role to play. By applying this structure and framework, companies can not only judge day by day business troubles and challenges but they can also accomplish a long term and sustainable competitive edge. In order to stay appropriate and applicable, organizations must come up with innovative and creative ideas without creating any disturbance in driving growth, productivity and profitability. Mr. Tim Brown, CEO of the one finest organization in the world quoted in an interview that “Design thinking is all about bring expected desired improvement within the organizational limitations.”  In this extremely competitive environment, companies look on a continuous basis to acquire new technologies and come up with new innovative products and services in order to satisfy the desired needs and wants of the potential as well as new expected customers and clients.

Expert Opinion

One of the world’s renowned company named “Ideo and Innovative Design Company” headed by Mr. David is doing a fantastic job in this regard. Ideo and Innovative Design Company help people to come across the confidence and assurance into their creativity. Mr. David’s hallucination is to convert the people thoughts into factual innovation or invention by understanding their problem, scrutinize behaviors, working on point of views by combining data collected by user, through the  formation of concepts and brainstorming, by working on prototyping and idea sharing with constructive feedback. This helps people to generate the ideas on their own and to polish their creative skills in a more optimistic manner.


Innovation is all about transforming a thought or discovery into a real product or service that generates value in the eyes of customers for which they will actually pay. In this competitive environment, companies are trying their level best to bring in the maximum possible innovation in their product and service within the budget constraints.

The Innovation Process

The innovation process, in the organizational perspective is a well thought-out battle that is outstandingly easy to execute if progress is made through proper channel and steps. It commence with a dilemma that what new needs to be done and ends with impressive financial results. When a company comes with new innovative products so; it starts attracting customers immediately which directly troubles the competitors. Innovation process for the profitable and visionary company never stops because they have already recognized the value of being creative enough to satisfy needs and wants of the customers, which will directly result in excellent profits in the long run.

Begin with a problem

The core part of the innovation process initiate with an identification of problem or possibly a reason, which is creating a hurdle in achieving desired and innovation based goals. Sometimes in many cases, it has been observed that business had already not succeeded in achieving its desired goals, which can be considered as an actual problem. This observation confirms the view point that identification of the problem is the real starting point. The general problems and issues that a company came across are related to low sales, product innovations, production processes, cost reductions and so on. When companies recognize its problem, so it has a road map to follow. Companies having complex and diversified portfolio faces many problems because they aren’t sure that on which product category they must work upon. Recognizing the problem and bringing in the regular innovations is always not favorable for a company because it may sometimes impact the customers’ expectations in a negative manner because there is a possibility that customers may take this new innovation in a more complex way. While identifying a problem, a company must analyze itself carefully because bringing a change may create both positive and negative outcome sometimes.

Convert the problem into a challenge

After identification of the problem, companies must take it as a challenge so that they can come up with those strategies and best possible solutions in order to get success in achieving the challenge. A challenge in this regard is basically a dilemma in which you are not sure that what needs to be done or which tactic needs to be chosen. For example, what are new ...................................

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