Delphi Corporation Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

This case is ideal for students simply starting to find out financing concepts however is likewise suitable to utilize in courses with skilled students and executives. The obstacles dealing with the car market and the special participation of GM makes the case abundant in conversation chances about how finest to reorganize a business. In January 2008, Delphi Corporation (Delphi) had actually remained in Chapter 11 bankruptcy for more than 2 years however seemed on the edge of authorizing a strategy of reorganization (POR) that would permit it to emerge from bankruptcy with a considerably enhanced balance sheet.

Like many such strategies, Delphi's POR called for a decrease of the business's take advantage of by exchanging the financial obligation of the unsecured lenders for a mix of brand-new financial obligation and brand-new equity. The resulting decrease in interest cost was forecasted to return Delphi to success and make the reorganized business a feasible going issue.


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