Day Care In Public Housing Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Day Care In Public Housing Case Study Analysis

Furthermore, the access to the established child care market helps in increasing the participation of labor force, boosts the local economy as well as helps in supporting the stable workforce due to which the government funding towards child care cost and rise in awareness of the advantages of the early learning, tend to drive the growth of the industry as a whole, hence providing solid foundation of opening the day-care center in the Alta Vista housing community. The continuous improvement begins with the program leaders and staff in reflecting on growth areas through self-assessment, data collected from quality of the child care home and feedback from parents and colleagues. By doing so, the company would be able to remain the market leader and build a strong reputation in the market. The day-care as well as the added employment opportunities would substantially contribute to the lives of families in Alta Vista &would make sure of the provision of an excellent support to rebuild the community.

The company is advised to focus on various areas in order to make the program successful. In the quality area of child’s health and safety; it is the right of every single child to experience the quality care as well as education in an environment that tends to promote and protect & safeguard the wellbeing, health and safety of children. Whereas, in the physical environment quality area; it must be ensured that the physical environment is suitable and safe and provides a diverse as well as rich range of experience that tend to promote the learning and development of children, in the quality area of staffing arrangement, and experienced and qualified educators who most likely develop respectful as well as warm relationships with children, creating a predictable environment as well as encouraging the active engagement in the learning program for children. And, in the quality area of leadership and governance; it must be ensured that an effective governance and leadership of the service tends to contribute to the quality environment for the learning and development of children. Effective leaders most likely create shared values for the service. Also, it is also crucial that the effective leaders set a clear direction for the continuous improvement of the services.

Not only this, the opening of day-care would allow to increase the awareness among the public associated with the Volunteers of America’s purpose, which aims at creating lasting and positive change through social service programs that empower and support people to live productive, healthy and safe lives. This in turn, would lead towards an increase in the financial support for additional services for other VOA program, helping in the provision of quality care to children. The example of the organization standards, policies and procedures includes: deal with complaints, management of service, such as: record’s confidentiality, interaction with children, orientation and enrolment, provide safe environment for children, excursions as procedures. The policies, standards and procedures supports the foundation of the high quality service.

The developments in the underutilized locations with core consideration over promoting the low-income community revitalization, help in improving the social, economic and physical environment (Cassidy, 2011), due to which, Mr. Schaefer is recommended to achieve the goal of community revitalization in order to improve the community in a way that makes lasting and inevitable impact over the residents’ lives’ quality. Also, he is advised to foster community crime watches, cleanups as well as public awareness events. Moreover, the company is required to put major emphasis on creating the atmosphere where the children could learn to adjust to the demands of the society while trying to maintain the sense of self and independence.

Applying subsidy resources towards contracted care of children, tends to present the supply chain strategy to increase the child care options in low-income areas rather than the demand side strategy that could not increase the provision of high quality care in the low-income communities. It is proven by the research that the contracted care tends to help in maintaining the stability of child care & by extension, the employment stability.(Scott, 2005).

The families of the children must be interviewed in order to take under consideration the child care arrangements that tend to demonstrate some of the qualities related to the high quality environment; sensitive and qualified caregivers, opportunities for learning activities, clean & safe environment and so forth(SCOTT, 2011). The child care providers need to support the homeless parents through an effective management of their concerns which they have regarding their children’s development and behavior. Increasing an access to the affordable housing and child care could help in moving low-income families towards economic stability.

It is because of the reason that the number of homeless families is increasing with the passage of time, due to which they are demanding for low cost housing, which could be fulfilled by having a stable and safe child care arrangements that would allow them to look for children & maintain work as well as participate in education, job training and other programs which are of paramount importance for resolving their homelessness. By supporting the ability of the parents to work and meet more of the basic needs of their families; the child-care could strengthen the overall economic security of families and help in preventing thein creasing rate of homelessness...............................


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