Daniel Kim’s Dilemma (B) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Daniel Kim was considering "blowing the whistle" on his buddy, the CEO of a fast growing startup where Kim had spent most of his professional career. When Kim joined the business, called Cardio-Metric, in 2002, it consisted of seven young engineers (including its two 25-year-old creators) working from a one-bedroom Minneapolis flat. By 2008, when the venture capital-backed company recorded $110 million in revenues, Kim had become close friends with the founders, who served as CEO and chairman.

Cardio Metric's success, however, hidden developments that are internal that are troubling. From unusual, to questionable, to egregious, the CEO's management style had progressed since 2002. Kim, Cardio-Metric's on and off CFO, had repeatedly confronted the CEO over his conduct-including charging large purchases with no clear business purpose to Cardio-Metric and presenting unrealistic financial projections to investors-but the CEO disregarded Kim's concerns and ordered him not to share them with others at the organization. By April 2009, Kim considered the issue had grown out of control, and he was considering disclosing the CEO's activities to a team of external auditors along with the board of directors. There clearly was much at stake. Kim's disclosure endanger Kim's own function in the organization, would definitely ruin his friendship together with the CEO, and even jeopardize the future of Cardiometric itself.

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This is just an excerpt. This case is about ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT

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Daniel Kim’s Dilemma (B)

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