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Chris Hackett and Val Reisman spent six months after the end of business schools are considering establishing a chain of high quality dry cleaning. This is a fragmented industry looked ripe for innovative new entrants. Chris and Val investigated thoroughly industry, selected metropolitan areas in which to start looking for acquisition candidates, and considered the prospects of De Novo run. They found only one possible candidate for acquisition. With the passage of time and money is spent, they feel pressure to decide whether to go through the acquisition, to start his own store, or abandon the project. This case is designed to focus on the strategic aspects of business management. Can be used to emphasize the importance of understanding the economic sector and the competitive dynamics. Can also be used to study the acquisition as an alternative to starting. "Hide
by Amar V. Bhide, Valery Reisman, Christopher Hackett Source: Harvard Business School 13 pages. Publication Date: January 21, 1992. Prod. #: 392077-PDF-ENG

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