Cultivating Social Enterprise in Peru: Portfolio Approach Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Consultant care company Partners (CEP) is requested to advise in three social enterprises in various stages of development, each benefit from CEP funding and support. CONASE - oatmeal manufacturer sells VASO government de leche free breakfast program - asked for advice on strategic analysis and creative approach to client relationships. Seviagro - market communications, social enterprise combining production with small farmers artichoke for resale to a large processing and export company - ask for support with the cost-accounting system. Corporacion Solar - was initially created as a buyer and broker of spinach production Andean farmers but now shift from the communications market with a hybrid model - looking for help in changing its growth strategy, target major buyers in Lima with a more diversified product offering. Three non-profit social enterprises referred to in this case, the sample of the new breed locally in itself, the market model, which could contribute to the development of rural areas in the mountainous regions of Peru, such as Ancash province. Their success can be extremely influential on a new approach to development in the Andes. Success here may also approve an innovative approach to the development of the CEP in the world. However, despite careful planning and launching a very promising triple bottom line projection, every business faces unexpected challenges in customer relations, cost management, retrieval and distribution. As these social enterprise gets off the ground, their ability to simultaneously meet the founders of their social objectives and remain economically viable under threat. The case asks students to put themselves in the role of consultant and the position of these social enterprises for sustainable growth. "Hide
by Oana Branzei, Jan Dutkiewicz Source: Richard Ivey School of Business Foundation 25 pages. Publication Date: May 28, 2009. Prod. #: 908M47-PDF-ENG

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Cultivating Social Enterprise in Peru: Portfolio Approach

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