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Deals with the concept of how to organize a coherent CSR strategy of consolidation of various social initiatives launched within the business group. CSU-CCA Group (CSU-CCA) is one of the leading retailers in Central America. The group consists of Corporacion de Supermercados Unidos (CSU), the supermarket chain, and Corporacion de Companias Agroindustriales (CCA), is responsible for the fresh and private label store and distribute goods for supermarkets CSU. CSU-CCA Group participated in a number of social programs for its employees and other members of the community in which it operates. Some of these programs have been implemented, while others were not. In some cases, the Group were attributed due to the personal initiative of one of its employees or managers, although the programs were not aligned to the company's strategy. By mid-2002, Corporate solutions to articulate their social obligations as part of its business strategy as a means to become more effectively involved in the communities in which it operates. Accordingly, in May 2002, the Department of Corporate Affairs (CAD) has been created to oversee the corporate social responsibility and external communications with stakeholders. CAD said CSU-CCA chairman. The role of Manuel Zuniga, director of corporate communications department and the social responsibility of the Committee, who, at the next meeting, you will need to propose a common CSR strategy for the group, including recommendations as to which social enterprises to support and which do not. He will also need to answer another question: How should the company withdraw from the program, it will no longer support, avoiding the alienation of those responsible for them? CSU-CCA as the development of future programs? How should it go about increasing staff awareness and commitment to social programs? "Hide
on Leguizamon-Francisco, Andrea Prado Source: Social Enterprise Knowledge Network 16 pages. Publication Date: August 27, 2006. Prod. #: SKE088-PDF-ENG

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