Confronting the Third Industrial Revolution Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

It consists of three parts. The first part, which forms the body so that is taken from a speech given by the author to the Harvard Business School's Political Forum in early 1995. Originally titled "Economic Foundations of American social policy: Yesterday and Today", it tries to put the current debate about the Third Industrial Revolution in historical perspective. Second part, presented in annex, includes excerpts from speeches by three principal figures Policy - Newt Gingrich , a presidential candidate Patrick Buchanan, and Labor Secretary Robert Reich. Each of these dynamics is determined profound changes in the U.S. economy and provides specific measures of public policy. 11 data exhibits that form the final part of the body provide an overview of U.S. economic performance from 1960 to 1994. The main theme of linking these materials together, that the United States is now in an economic transition. What is uncertain, of course, the exact nature of the transition. Is it as deep or as far-reaching as the various authors offer? "Hide < br /> by David A. Moss Source: Harvard Business School 23 pages. Publication Date: April 19, 1996. Prod. #: 796161-PDF-ENG

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Confronting the Third Industrial Revolution

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