Commercial Approaches to sport Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Commercial Approaches to sport Case Study Solution

Strategy for Newport Live from 2020-2023:

Newport live has been the popular place for sporting, leisure and cultural activities in the city of Newport aimed to provide healthier and happier life to people. Newport live has 3 major gym, swimming pools and tennis centre and well reputable regional theatre and arts institute. There are huge numbers of fitness and sports centres, cultural live performances offered to people.

Newport Live is a social venture and listed charitable committee; where the funds are reinvested into services they deliver so Newport Live clients help us to funding our local community.There are numerous opportunities to promote events, places and activities within Newport Live. The arts and Theatre Centre promoting the arts can ominously nurture your commercial profile. With such a huge diversity of performances, training and community ventures, there are amply of opportunities for you to involved in Sports Expansion packages in Newport there are some of the greatest and most advanced in Wales, through sports they try to engage kids and youngsters to distract them away from peer pressure, tedium, and anti-social actions in the City of Newport.With such a wide spread kind of community sport conferences,referral platforms, directed group work, diverting activities, health and security events, school sport carnivals and events, disabled kids and youngsters opportunities, and sports volunteer programs there are amply of opportunities for people to participate in such events.

The Newport live welsh government has introduce games with the name of west field  health british games 2019 held from 25th July to 28th July to raise awareness for donation of organ to the needy people. Likewise, the government has also introduce various policies related to leisure This Policy mainly tells about the indoor profitable leisure practises that in current years have seen an growth in popularity, for example, bowling centres, cinema halls, etc furthermore, this Policy offers will also be reflected contrary to other significant Policies of the Proposal, including the General Expansion Principles Plans. (Newport Community Well-being Profile, 2017)

Physical activity, leisure and sport is vital for happy and healthier life. Our future strategy will focus that being energetic is more beautiful and attractive than ever before. An active and happy life goes together which enriched quality of life. It helps to make both physical and mental health better. Doing such kind of activities and being physically healthy can also diminish social rejection and loneliness. Our strategy delivers a structure on how we will motivate the people of the City of Newport and their Life and Regions. Through our strategies of making healthy City, happier Life we can achieve our healthy city of Newport. The strategies that can be initiated to increase the participation of people in sports and leisure activities include constructing a social programming on the road to the healthy society, The memorandum that only being energetic is not important however, there should be unity that bonds the community with charitable trust, domestic citizens and public leaders. Besides, make the most of the use of our Parks, gardens and Open Spaces for physical and mental activities, leisure and sport, make sure that this is sustained, legitimate and enabled, reinforced by our Park Builders addition to, Newport live can Promote lively opportunities in nearby civic locations together with libraries, family centres and domestic households and Work carefully with the private sector to safe and sound better contact to private gym and sports services. Moreover Newport live can Stimulate physical activity, sport and leisure as ‘home task’ inside our institutes, to get kids, youngsters and their families happier and healthy. Apart from this Newport live can keenly motivate people to provide their voluntary service in physical activities, leisure and sport by eradicating the obstacles to offering and providing contacts with significant and exciting service opportunities. Likewise, Newport live can also target specific groups there are numerous groups that would take advantage most from sport and physical action and the people that are least likely to take part in cultural, environmental and economic motives. Helping groups to reduce these obstructions and assist them to participate in activity will offer them with many optimistic results and keep check that access to sport and physical activities are same for all. Apart from Newport lives can builds networks by doing partnerships with other business working on the same line and can make alliances to inspire and support sport benefactors in the city to work collectively to bring common objectives. The Sports platforms and the Sport & Physical Activity groups have both carried different workers together to share innovative ideas and support each other. (department of local government,sports and cultural industries, 2017)

By Appling these strategies it would create a positive impact in the people as well as in the city of Newport by participate in recreational activities, especially outdoors, can significantly progress physical health. People who participate in park activities for example: walking, hiking, or skiing, have less office visits and can maintain lower body fat ratio and also have lower level of blood pressure and cholesterol. Furthermore, I will improve the quality of life of people by balancing work pressure, family with physical and mental health and many researches have shown that people who prioritize their health by participating in sports and leisure activities are more likely to be satisfied with their lives. These strategies not only have impact on personal lives but also provide opportunities to grow the city of Newport economically and commercially by promoting sports and leisure activity the city has good infrastructure as well as it also promote tourism which is commercially viable for the city moreover, it can flourished other business which are dependent of the sports and leisure sectors of the city for instance sports industries, cement industries for constructing sports centres. Beyond infrastructure and other industries, effective economic progress also entails social and cultural infrastructure, for instance libraries, gardens, post offices and civic centres, to develop quality of life in rural areas. (sport market segments, 2012)

Newport can invest its surplus revenue in different avenues for expansion of their business which is commercially viable those avenues can be opening of more sports centres so most of the people of cities can rake most of the benefits moreover, providing funds or different schemes as marketing strategies and Newport live can also invest in social awareness campaign to increase the knowledge about the significance of physical activities for the healthier and happier life of people. Furthermore, Newport live can invest its surplus revenue in their marketing strategies by introducing different schemes and deals in membership of different sports club. For the expansion of their business which is commercially viable they can make gyms and fitness centres theatres so that different ethnic groups can participate in various cultural activities which can enhance their talent’s so many people of the city can take more benefit out of it and can improve their quality of life. Other than expansion to earn more profit the Newport live can also invest in different stocks and portfolios. But the most commercially viable plan is to invest in expansion by introducing more branches or franchise or sport centres because these are the only ways through which the city of Newport can encourage the participation of its citizen in sports leisure activities and can expand their business or institute.

In last there are thousands of ways or strategies that can be implement to increase the participation of the people of the city of Newport in sports and leisure activities but the major point is that all the strategies that companies or business are implement should be sustainable and should have the long term impact on the life’s of the people the sports centres or the companies work in this field has to ensure the sustainability of the strategies they implementing for the betterment of the community because the effective strategies can be called effective when it has the long term effect in the society or on the people of community and can provide sustainable growth for the society..........


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