Comcast Corporations Merger with AT&T Broadband Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In December 2001, Comcast has won the auction for the purchase of AT & T Broadband. $ 72 billion winning bid will combine Comcast, the third-largest cable operator of the country, with the industry leader. Comcast Corporation President Roberts and Comcast Cable president Burke had to consider the merger integration strategies. This case is considered (1) as state laws may affect the competitive dynamics of the industry, (2) companies have difficulties in integrating senior management teams with different styles of management and companies with different cultures, (3) the integration of complementary products with a low cross-selling opportunities and To achieve cost savings, (4) the creation of "success metrics" for defense acquisition, and (5) an understanding of how the integration of activities can send signals through the corporation.
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by LJ Bourgeois Nicholas Goodman, John O. Wynne Jr. Source: Darden School of Business 24 pages. Publication Date: December 9, 2004. Prod. #: UV0599-PDF-ENG

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Comcast Corporations Merger with AT&T Broadband

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