Clean Edge Razor: Splitting Hairs in Product Positioning Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Clean Edge Razor: Splitting Hairs in Product Positioning Case Solution

1.     Briefly describe the current situation of Clean Edge by articulating up to six key insights from the information presented in the case about the current situation.

The six insights that have been identified are following:

  1. S Razor Market
  2. Market segment
  3. Consumer Behavior
  4. Trends
  5. Competition
  6. Key Market Players

U.S Razor Market:

The razor market of U.S was broken into several categories such as non-disposable razors, refill cartridges, disposable razors, shaving creams, and depilatories. Whereas, Clean Edge was designed to compete in the non-disposable razor and refill cartridge categories. Furthermore, the non-disposable razors category has seen growth, while refill cartridges were experiencing less growth comparatively. Moreover, the success in this market was attributed to the innovations in the products.

Market Segments:

The non-disposable razor and refill cartridge market was divided into three segments on the basis of price and quality, such as value, moderate, and super-premium. The super-premium segment has seen immense growth along with several innovations.

Consumer Behavior:

The consumers purchase razors and replacement cartridges more frequently. Moreover, the consumers attempt to use different products due to marketing and advertising. In addition, the consumers involved with the product varied among consumers,such as there are groups of consumer who are completely indifferent with regards to the product category and are called as Maintenance shavers whereas more involved are more willing to try new products.


The market was filled with the new products in the category of non-disposable razors and refill cartridges and the introduction of such new products accelerated in the recent years. Furthermore, the advertising expenditures were rising at afaster rate in order to foster the demand of the new products.


The competition in the market for the Clean Edge was high. The competitors for non-disposable razors included direct competitors and substitute products. The value oriented customers preferred to use disposable razors that want new blade for each shave;whereas disposable razors lacked innovations and technology,they competed on the price factor rather than quality. On the other hand, the substitute products included electric shavers that have captured a moderate percentage of the overall market. In addition, the electric shavers mostly appeal to older customers,as it cannot provide smooth shave. Moreover, the other substitutes included are depilatory creams, waxing, and laser hair removal.

Key Market Players:

Prince was a major player in razor market that manufactured and sold personal care products with presence all over the world. In addition, Prince was a market leader in non-disposable razors since 1950s and had a number one position in terms of dollar sales in 2009. The main brand category of Prince was Cogent and Cogent Plus under which it sold its non-disposable razors and refill cartridges. Furthermore, Prince had generated significant revenues for non-disposable razors and refill cartridges in 2009.

In addition, Benet and Klein (B&K) was also a major competitor in the market of razor. B&K was a beauty and healthcare products company that manufactured and sold shaving products, skin care products and hair care products. The company was providing high quality of technological blades for non-disposable razors. However, the new entrants were also entering in to the market that expected to give high competition to the Clean Edge razor......................

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