ChatChat (Co-Founders Version) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

ChatChat (Co-Founders Version) Case Solution

The co-founders should obtain and comprehend the highlighting issues of the investor, choose ways to respond and attend to those issues, and assure the investor that a seed financial investment is worthwhile. All trainees have the chance to show active hearing, questions, and feedback relating to the issues and propositions to resolve them. All 4 people in the function play have differing goals and rate of interests and have to handle the desires and understandings of the others in a way that might be assertive, collective, or both.

Knowing Objective

This case supplies trainees with practice in active listening, questions, and feedback as aspect of settlement.

The role-play goals specified in the event might be achieved if the trainees playing the co-founders effectively recognize and deal with the concerns and issues of people playing the investor.

This is a role-play case, meant for usage in a management advancement course for MBA trainees. The case has 4 functions: 2 for trainees playing the co-founders of a start-up and 2 for students/coaches playing the investor choosing whether to offer seed financing. There are 2 variations of the case, one for trainees playing the co-founders (L-25CF), and one for those participating in the investor (L-25VC). While both variations of the case include similar background info for the role-play, L-25CF consists of extra info that is offered just to the co-founders and L-25VC consists of extra details that is offered just to the investor.

This is just an excerpt. This case is about Business

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ChatChat (Co-Founders Version)

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