Chatagogna Ice Cream Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Chatagogna Ice Cream

Quality Requirement

Mr.Moree, who is the CEO of the Chatagogna Food Corporation was in a serious dilemma. Technically, decision should be taken to shut down a plant, which is not performing well or to cut down expenses by reducing the operational cost at least by 3%.

Information Leader

In the case of Chatagogna ice cream, the CEO does not have sufficient idea of this business loss. Mr. Moree was asking their employees and top executives to predict and come up with an actual suggestion. Someone said that this happened because of low product line and someone said that it was a result of technical expertise.

Problem Structure

The problem wasn’t well-designed by the stop shop. Chatagogna ice cream was just predicting possible issues and recommending the idea regarding those issues.

Commitment Requirement

Employees were looking committed towards the issue because they were giving solutions and were looking keen in solving the issue. Although, at one stage they were found to be against each other and they were also blaming each other.

Commitment Probability

Mr. Moree, the head of Chatagogna will consider the input of each body in the organization for sure because he was continuously asking for recommendations and proposals from employees and all the departments.

Goal Congruence

Yes, employees were looking motivated in solving the issue and were quiet shock on this news of losing the business. They were throwing different suggestions and feedbacks to overcome the issue and play an optimistic role.

Employee Conflict

Yes, there is a massive chance that the conflict will arise among employees in the implementation of final decision because at the meeting they started pointing fingers on each other and started blaming different departments for the loss of an important business deal. ...................

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Chatagogna Ice Cream

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