Chariot Comics: Faster Release Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Chariot Comics: Faster Release Case Solution


Chariot Comics is considered to be an emerging player in digital industry today, which provides numerous services in the comics’ development and it is willing to take over the position in the near future. Therefore, it has been analyzed that the field of digital industry is facing intense competition and has been consistent over the past couple of years due to the change in the technology overtime which enabled the major players to revive against the traditional use of technology.

Thus, it shows that Chariot Comics was facing a serious threat against the developed monopoly, where it was very difficult to survive due to the already established companies operating in the industry. Therefore,the case illustrates the importance of applying the operation techniques in order to increase the revenues and decrease costs overtime and to earn more profits for expanding in the near future and establishing a good position as compared to the other companies.

It also shows that with the change in the technology, the company would be able to adopt quickly into the market standards due to cheap costs associated within a selected country. The history also shows that during mid-19th century, there was a shutdown in the comic industry due to the fact that it affected the quality of representation to the children and other adults, who were amused from the related posts in the newspapers.

Moreover, the creation of Comic code authority allowed to increase the trend and therefore,enabled managing the correct position of the related comics which were howed to the audience. By the end of the century, the trend began to decrease due to the fact that new technology was adopted by different industries and not allowed to look forward towards the concept of newspapers.

This indicates that a vast expansion of digital technology decreased the cost of operations caused of marketing campaign of newspapers and focused towards internet and other cost saving sources. This change caused some serious damages on emerging players as they didn’t have much resources to adopt the new technology and focused on the same marketing campaign.

While adopting the same sources,their market value decreased and were forced to shut down for years due to the lack of funds available for new technology. In the start of the new era, the new technology has increased the competition among the players in the industry and as a result, small companies felt difficulty in surviving.

Chariot Comics was established in 2009 and did not have strong hold over the industry due to the fact that it lacked the resources to jump into the competitive position. However, it had the ability to transform the business under new technology. Moreover, it established its position in 2012, where it introduced new ways to produce the products that were used to make the comics. Therefore,it is concluded that with all these changes in the technology, the company was still struggling to survive against the major competitors in India in terms of high profits and low cost of production in order to satisfy the customers.

Problem Statement

According to the case, it is analyzed that Chariot Comics faced an intense competition in the market of India, where there were only few players operating in monopoly and did not allow the new emerging players to stand against them. However, the main reason was the adoption of the new technology by them, which did not allow other small players to compete against them due to the fact that they lacked the necessary resources to adopt. The same situation was with Chariot Comics as it was still struggling to survive in the market and focused on revenue optimization through the effective production controls and to control the costs overtime in order to earn more profits for expansion. Thus, the main issue of the case was using the effective way to control the operational costs and to apply different techniques to reduce the time period as more time would lead to the increase in additional cost of operations overtime...................

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