CHANGE MANAGEMET Harvard Case Solution & Analysis



            There are many reasons as to why change efforts fail. Some are given below:

  • Blame games: This refers that employers blame each other. One is in favor of change implementation whereas, the other disagrees to that and because of this change fails to take place as it has been mentioned in this article that there is disagreement between them.
  • Fear of change: Employers in the organization are afraid of change,asit has been mentioned in this article that they do not want to change and because of this change initiative fails.
  • Financial structure: Normally successful companies have strong financial structure. If change initiative has a little impact on its financial structure, then change efforts will fail and as a result, this would lead to poor performance of the organization.

(Kotter, Jan 2007)


          According to my opinion, change initiative is not possible without leadership. This is because the leader is the one who successfully achieves the goals effectively by going through a process in the right order. The chance of failure is almost negative in the presence of a leader. An example of some successful companies is General Motors, Ford, etc.

           In this article, some efforts were gone under banner such as total quality management restructuring, cultural change, etc. There are some errors which people are going to make it such as they cannot create a powerful coalition because they are not that much experienced. Another error is that they cannot see a vision that where a company is going to stand in future and some other errors.

           To create change, leadership is more important than authority. There are some roles which the leader may play for bringing change in the organization. The first role is Sponsor or Supporter;in this case the leader is the one who makes proper plans for change and assigns tasks to his/her subordinates so that there is no chance of failure. The second option is a role model;in which the leader should work as a role model so that people can get motivated and inspired by the hard work of their leader. On the other hand, the third option is Participative;over here the element participative environment is to be developed by the leader. They may communicate to share information and keep people updated with the change which would be implemented in the organization. As a result, this will help in getting proper feedback from subordinates. Moreover, it may enhance the employer’s confidence as well as it would create effectiveness. The leader should be a good motivator. Whenever the employer gets dissatisfied, he should provide motivation for change initiative which would be implemented in the organization.

(blanchard, Jan 2010)


          Kodak was working on traditional films, papers, etc. initially. Customers were switching to digital photography at a faster rate. Kodak did not introduce its digital camera for customers till 2001. The CEO of the company was overoptimistic as he thought the company would continue increasing its revenue however,he was wrong. In the under performing market condition, Kodak faced several issues as its competitors entered in digital photography and maximized their revenue. At that time Kodak faced severe crises in which its market share got declined, its credit rating also decreased, employer's workforce got decreased and its income statement and balance sheet also showing a recession.

          One of the reasons for Kodak’s crisis was that it was overexposed. It did not realize its strategy and kept on following the same strategy. The second factor was Market research. The management had not done proper market research as to what the customer demanded. The next factor was technology, as the CEO had estimated wrongly that which technology was going to benefit more in the organization......................

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