This concept has recently been adopted by many large scale and small scale organizations while delivering services or products to their customers in the markets all over the world.

The paper will help the readers in understanding the concept of Change Management along with the strengths and opportunities that this trend possesses for the adopting entities. This will also help the readers in realizing the weaknesses and limitations that this newly introduced management trend might bring to them along with its strengths and weaknesses.

The analysis of the Change Management in project management will include the models, and integration value that it brings to the company and some errors that the management of organizations often make in doing so.


Change Management can be best described as a process in which a policy or plan is initiated by the management of the organization for the transition of the organization culture and structure including the teams, groups, individual employees and various functions of the organization itself.(Kerzner, 2013)

This is done to readdress the utilization of organizational assets, budget priorities, operations of the company and any numerous other changes that define the operations, culture and structure of the company. The Change Management can be associated to many segments and functions in the corporate environment from the management to social science to IT however, in terms of project management, it is adopted for the process of managing the changes in an organization by developing and adopting the changes as per the project management.

 It is initiated in order to design and deliver a special service or a product as per the demand of the customers in a specific period of time or other limitations.(partington, n.d)

Project management is a multi-pronged approach and the framework involves initiating, planning, executing, controlling and completing the work assigned to the department or the team. The structure and policies adopted for the project management framework are temporary in nature and are dissolved with the completion of the task or goal for which they were created. The achievement of objectives for the creation of the structure and team is always the primary goal.

This structure is, therefore, quite distinctive as compared to the traditional structures of the company, which are repetitive and quite fundamental in nature and characteristics.

This is being overwhelmingly adopted by organizations all over the world in order to effectively manage the changes that they bring to their operations and work environment for fulfilling and supporting special orders and services for the customers.

Change Management focuses on controlling the changes in an organizational culture and structure on two fronts; the technical side as well as the employee side of the changes for the project management.

Technical side focus:

The technical aspect of the Change Management focuses on the technical aspects of managing and monitoring the changes under the project management scheme. The primary task of Change Management is to ensure that the designed, developed and implemented change of the project management is efficient and effective in the best achievable manner.(Frame, 2002)

The approach and framework of the project management that has been adopted by the management of the organization supplements this process by providing the structure, tools and procedures for control. (Frame, 2002)...........................

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