CCL Industries Inc.: Divesting the Custom Division Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In 2004, CCL Industries, Inc has been a leading producer of value-added outsourcing custom products and packages for many of the major consumer products company. Executive Director of CCL officer and vice-chairman are facing important strategic decisions. Director General of thought selling custom manufacturing division of CCL, which served as the basis for its foundation, and so far contributed about 34 percent of total income. Although the firm has acquired and deprived many business units throughout its history, this deprivation of rights was perhaps the most significant in terms of its historical significance. Deprivation of this section presents the main changes in the nature and strategy of the firm. CCL are fortunate to have a very active support more independent board of directors. CEO must make sure that if he recommended denial of custom manufacturing division, it would have to be very well prepared for some intense questioning from the board on the merits of the offer. Council took his role very seriously stewards Corporation. "Hide
by Lawrence G. Tapp, Trevor Hunter Source: Richard Ivey School of Business Foundation 9 pages. Publication Date: November 15, 2006. Prod. #: 906M96-PDF-ENG

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CCL Industries Inc.: Divesting the Custom Division

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