Case Analysis: TA associate- Metro PCS (A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Case Analysis: TA associate- Metro PCS (A) Case Solution 

Introduction of TA associates

The company was founded in 1968 and started operating as a private equity firm. The company is based in the United States of America. It operates as one of the modern era’s private equity firms as, the company invests in other companies by investing in their minority shares and other similar sources. The enterprise has invested its capital across a wide range of industries including Technology, Healthcare, Consumer products, financial service and consultancy services. The company first researched a profitable and growth oriented company and after specific consideration, it invested in it. However, the company had made remarkable progress and it has been operating in the same business sector since 4 decades.

Furthermore, TA associates has almost $18 billion in its capital from the beginning. However, the company is the market leader in the PE industry and it hasits capital in more than 440 companies and has a ranking in top 50 largest equity firms globally. The business is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. However, the company has more than 130 employees including 80 investment professional spread over Boston, Menlo Park, London, Bombay and Hong Kong. In addition, the company has the ability and strong financial position to invest up to $500 million in an individual company. Moreover, the company has also invested in more than 400 companies over 4 decades and operated these investments profitably. Therefore, it can be concluded that the company has succeeded in its industry and working with a strong brand image among the industry peers. (associates, 2016)

History of the company

The firm was founded by Peter Brooke who expanded his former company,Tucker Anthony & RL Day, which was an investment banking company and brokerage house. . However, Brooke was also overseeing the private equity expansion processes and other relevant activities at the same company. Moreover, its major focus while working with Tucker was to invest capital in High Technology companies to expand more opportunities in the same arena.

Furthermore, the company expanded by being formed with the name of TA associates and started operating in the year 1968 and then it started growing significantly from $5 million to $125 million in the early 1980s. Furthermore, the company’s excellent strategy, appropriate financial management and distinctive core competencies allowed it to be the largest private equity firm during the 1980s. However, the reason behind this growth and efficiency was the focus towards hi-tech industry. The company contributes a lot towards biogenicartificial intelligent software and Digital research, which allowed it to increase its investment potential by 30 to 40% annually.

Moreover, in 1980s, the company also started to invest in more mature businesses to inject capital in them and to grow significantly. In addition, the company also started to invest in new started companies by injecting a significant capital and to start earning suitable profits. Furthermore, it was noticed that mature companies or under performing business units were more profitable for TA as compared to newly started companies. The company used to change the strategic objectives and invest more capital, which allowed it to generate more margins.(associates, About TA, 2016)

As the company’s profile has been discussed earlier, the problem which the company was facing will be discussed in the problem statement and its alternative solutions as well.........................

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