Cap Gemini Ernst & Young: Global Merger (A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

French IT consulting giant Cap Gemini is ready to purchase consulting arm Ernst & Young, American Big 5 accounting firm. However, many differences have to be resolved, including negotiations with the Ernst & Young persons in the world, and conversion of Ernst & Young partners in the public employees Cap Gemini. Among all the solutions on IT consulting market is changing rapidly, further complicating the merger negotiations and implementation. Learning Objective: To examine a number of issues that must be addressed and resolved in the negotiation of professional services merger, evaluation and incentive problems associated with the merger of the private person in a public institution, and the challenges of negotiating cross-border merger. "Hide
by Ashish Nanda, Lisa Rohrer, Bertrand Moingeon, Guillaume Soenen Source: HBS 21 pages. Publication Date: December 18, 2002. Prod. #: 903056-PDF-ENG

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Cap Gemini Ernst & Young: Global Merger (A)

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