Can Growth Entrepreneurship Take Root in Denmark’s Central Region? Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Set Mikkelsen is executive director of financial development for Denmark's second largest area, MidJutland (Central Denmark Region).

As the instance opens, he is considering remarks he's read suggesting that the Growth House plan, one of the primary programs within his entrepreneurship duties, may not be working as well as he and others had hoped.

This really is the core plan in his entrepreneurship development obligations, as well as a flagship plan developed for the areas by the national Danish Business Authority. Whereas high-growth venture task has evolved in Copenhagen, no one in Denmark asserts that this is satisfactory and serious doubt that this success can be repeated in the other four regions, including MidJutland. Should every region be a locus of high-growth entrepreneurship, when gifted entrepreneurs are moving to Copenhagen for its concentration of resources? Despite the truth that historically, numerous global enterprises have emerged from the Central Denmark region, it seems that these older-generation entrepreneurs are not involved in stimulating entrepreneurship among the current generation. He also wonders if the present economic and social development plans are actually discouraging risk taking, and whether it may be time for regional authorities to stop playing with this kind of effective job.


This is just an excerpt. This case is about INNOVATION & ENTREPRENEURSHIP

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Can Growth Entrepreneurship Take Root in Denmark’s Central Region?

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