California Water Pricing Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

California Water Pricing Case Solution
In many parts of California, water districts to set prices so that agricultural users pay much less than home users, and much less than the real cost of water. Although the adoption of marginal cost pricing system will greatly improve the efficiency, it inevitably creates losers as well as winners. To anticipate the problems of implementation of such a pricing system in California, reformers have to anticipate what regions and what crops in California would be the most affected.The case provides the information needed to make a partial equilibrium analysis of disease, including data on the average share factor of water cultures The average value created for each crop by limiting the use of water, the degree of change in the ratio interregion without water inputs, and the role of every culture on the market in California and around the world. HKS Case Number 710.0 "Hide
Dorothy Robyn on 14 pages. Publication Date: 01 January 1986. Prod. #: HKS537-PDF-ENG

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California Water Pricing

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