Calaveras Vineyards Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Asset turnover

Assets turnover shows that Calaveras Vineyards would sell 75%-94% of its total assets that is quite good.


Return on share holder equity

Return on shareholder equity is the rate of net benefit of the company during a time to its stockholders' worth as the year progressed. It is calculated to determine the profit of stockholders' wanders. It shows net benefit as rate of shareholder equity.

Return on value formula tells that there is no issue of net benefit to Calaveras Vineyards. This formula is more than normal return of vineyard business sector. In the event that obliged return of Calaveras Vineyards is equivalent to normal 25%-40%.


Valuation of Calaveras Vineyards

Valuation of Calaveras Vineyards is carried out under DCF method.

DCF method

DCF method is utilized to see the appeal of the venture decision and option. It utilizes the free money streams of an organization and markdown rate (normally weighted average cost of capital) to ascertain the present estimation of money streams.

Free cash flows

Free cash flows identifies with the cash that an association can deliver in the wake of laying out the money required to keep up or stretch its advantage base. Free money stream is crucial on the grounds that that it allows an association to look for after circumstances that enhance shareholder regard.

The free money streams of Calaveras Vineyards focused around the projections is $431,000. This appears to be great as contrasted with the contenders of the business.


Terminal Value

Terminal estimation of Calaveras Vineyards demonstrates that the estimation of Calaveras Vineyards on 31st December, 1998 focused around the future money streams that is $7.5 million if company’s cost of capital is used that is 9.5%.


Net Present Value

NPV demonstrates the distinction between money inflows and money surges. It is utilized to break down the fiscal practicality of the speculation and venture's benefit.

DCF method proposes that the reasonable esteem and target cost of Calaveras Vineyards today, in view of the projections of future organization's money streams that is $7.3 million. The estimation of Calaveras Vineyards is substantially more than the normal business estimation of relative. In view of the above investigation, the immense positive NPV demonstrates that this undertaking is monetarily suitable and adequate.


Weighted average cost of capital (WACC)

WACC is a financial tools used to survey the expense of cash flow to the firm. It is used to give a markdown rate to a financed assignment because the expense of financing the capital is a sensibly rational sign to put on the financing. WACC is used to center the markdown rate used as a major aspect of a DCF valuation model. As it were, WACC is the required return of an organization and they oblige attaining that return. Organization's return is expanded at that level where its WACC is minimized.

WACC should be centered around business rates, not on book estimations of commitment or worth. Book figures may not uncover the current business sector values. It will uncover what an organization needs to deliver on a task speculation.

The Calaveras Vineyards 'cost of capital is 5%, 6% and 7% calculated on the bases of different competitors date was given, which shows that the base give back that go with is evaluated to pay its lenders, regular value holders and other supplier of capital.


Capital assets pricing model

A model that depicts the relationship in the middle of expected return and risk and that is utilized within the valuing of risky stocks and securities. Cost of equity was calculated in this case by CAPM. Cost of equity was determined by given information of different competitor’s betas and average cost of equity is 9%, 14% and 11%.



It measures the risk and volatility involved in securities and investment portfolio. Beta of Calaveras Vineyards was calculated by the help of competitors’ beta to convert asset beta into equity beta according to the capital structure of Calaveras Vineyards that is 1.45, 3.92 and 2.44......................................

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