Caesar IT Services: Marketing Multiple Value Propositions Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Caesar, a professional IT services company, has participated in the Dutch IT market since 1993. Its initial value was a proposal to provide our clients with qualified human potential at low hourly or daily rate (often referred to as "body-shopping"). To avoid increasing the commercialization of this type of service, the company has developed a new proposal values ​​in 2003, the so-called TimeValue projects consisting of the complete delivery of IT projects, guaranteed on time and within budget, at a higher price. In 2005, Caesar sold the two values ​​suggests using integrated organizational procedures and one brand. This has led to three major problems that produces significant stress and frustration in managing the company. First of all, the integrated brand led to diffuse offer marketing to potential customers. The second problem concerns the sales: each sales encounter difficulties in selling the two products in one portfolio. Third, the stress in the organizational procedures contributed conflicts, frustration and lack of interaction between employees. "Hide
by Stephen Stremersch, Sylvia Bellezza Source: IESE 21 pages. Publication Date: May 15, 2009. Prod. #: IES216-PDF-ENG

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Caesar IT Services: Marketing Multiple Value Propositions

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