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Caesar IT Services Case Solution 


Caesar group is an IT service firm that started its operations in Dutch IT market industry since 1993 with 300 employees. According to Dutch research industry, two main services are offered, which include IT outsourcing and professional IT services. Caesar is offering only professional IT services in which two projects run (i) body shopping (that provides high satisfaction customer services by providing highly qualified human resource). (ii) Time value project (which includes complete Project delivery in the meantime and within budget.

In 2005, Caesar dispatched Time Value Projects in the commercial center and showcased two worth recommendations, which are body shopping andtimevalue ventures by utilizing and integrated authoritative schedules under one brand name.

Identification of Problems:

 This prompted many issues that created noteworthy anxiety and disappointment inside of the organization administration, which includes:

  1. The coordinated brand names prompted scattered advertising recommendation towards forthcoming clients. Existing clients experienced difficulty in seeing the additional estimation of the Time Value ventures division well beyond the body shopping division. New clients for body shopping were pulled in by the Time Value tasks' recommendation.
  2. The second issue focuses on thedeals or sales process. Every Sales Manager experienced troubles in offering the two items within the same portfolio. The business process for body shopping was a short "push" process while the business process for activities was a long "force" cycle.
  3. Third, the anxiety in authoritative strategies for the delivery process that encouraged conflict, disappointment, and absence of coordinated effort among workers, particularly between the most capable ones.
  4. Incompatibility was found between clients and service provider because of per hour base that leads to delay in the project.


Caesar realize that such problems could be altered through choosing objectives of client and supplier. By comparing both the products, it would be seen in Caser’s value proposition of each product that it generates better profit for both the customers and service provider.

The company should know how to solve customers’ problems by delivering specific benefits to the customers and it should have unique point to differentiate it from competitors, which is why customers should buy from Caesar.

Analysis/Recommendation based on problems:

Brand Name: For short term Caesar should use push strategy, and for long term it should use effective market strategy with highly huge investment.

Sale process: For short term, it should minimize the limit and for long term it should be efficient and proactive.

Anxiety in management strategies: The recommendationshort-term is to promote a flexible working environment and coordination, and for long-term it should avoid making ambiguous strategies, define tasks and role to each employee.

The mismatch between client and service provider: Short term recommendation is to increase workforce, as they provide service 24 hours. Long term recommendation is to increase resources and make them work on shift base.

Value Proposition of both the products can be distinguished by:

  • Time Vale projects: it includes various features such as:
  1. Brand name that attracts the customers.
  2. Delivery time; services should beprovided on time and within the budget.
  3. The scope is defined by both customers as well as to the client.
  4. Fixed budget and time guarantee
  • Body shopping features include:
  1. It focuses on the specific solution of technology.
  2. Supplier has all the knowledge
  3. Customer satisfaction guarantee
  4. Price and cost Sensitive.


The analysis is based on the conjoint analysis that is evaluated by price of services through which it is targets the size of the target market................

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