Business Ethics and CSR Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Business Ethics and CSR


The organization started functioning in the late nineteenth century and its country of origin is America.Currently, the organization operates in the markets worldwide and it has become one of the most successful business entities of all times(Apple, n.d).

The company has outsourced its production operations to Foxconn in China.It has outsourced the manufacturing operations of the company in the region. This decision was implemented due to various business interests of the company as the operations costs of the company were increasing while operating in the western region.

The other value that the management of the company lays is for the rights of its employees however, it has failed to implement it on the ground in china. There are reports of unethical behavior along with the violation of the rights of the employees at the factories of the company that are based in China.

According to some investigations that have appeared in the public, there are severe health and safety issues at the factories in China. The employees are made to work in an unsafe environment without proper protection equipment forcefully for extensive hours without even getting any benefits or rights(Johnson, 2012).



The corporate social responsibility of a company is the contribution that it makes for the betterment and well-being of the society and environment they operate in. The corporate social responsibility is also a part of corporate regulations and laws in many countries where the business and corporate entities are required by law to contribute for the betterment of the society and the population at large. Although the corporate social responsibility does not give any return of investment directly however, it helps in building reputation and a relationship with the society the business operates in.


The businessethics can be defined as the best possible conduct of the corporate standards and regulations along with the moral and cultural values of the environment of the region where business operates and functions.The concept of business ethics elaborates the importance that is best possible corporate behavior, which supports the well being of the employees and the society at large that is influenced by the organizational activities of the business(Hurst, ‎2004 ). The business ethics of the company are a set of both a written code of conduct and the traditional and moral principles of the people it exists for. The ethics have become a central part of business strategy in today`s world as they are critical for the success of any organization no matter what they do.


The term sustainability is a part of corporate social responsibility of an organization that exists in the society for financial purposes all over the world. This can be elaborated as the best possible way through which an organization can pursue its interests and benefits while keeping in mind and ensuring and preserving the environmental and social values of the market and the population in the long term............................

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