Building Community at Terra Nova Consulting Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


Terra Nova has been a premier engineering consulting company which was been founded in 1970 by a group of 10 engineers. The first office was initially located in a 2nd floor apartment on King Street in Canada. Terra Nova was founded by Adam Danyluk who specialized in geo technical engineering consultancy that has been related to the civil engineering projects.

The company has been benefiting from a series of highway projects that have required the specialization of ground engineering including the technical studies on the rock formations and the soil conditions (Ken & Gary, 2014).

Over the period of time, the company has expanded itself in other projects also. The company has continually diversified itself in other projects also where the company has been venturing into the bio science, wildlife habitat, archaeology, air engineering, etc. The company has been quite committed to serve the customers with high quality services.

Problem Statement

The major problem that has been identified in the case is that the company has been facing challenges regarding the internal cultural divisions. The company has been facing a disconnection where the younger members feel that they were not involved in the major decision making at the firm. Moreover, the young professionals were not willing to invest in the company. The retiring professionals were also divesting their investments (Ken & Gary, 2014).

Moreover, they had strong relationship with the customers and the new partners were facing difficulty in formalizing with the customers. Finally, as per the OCI Consultancy study, the cultural division amongst the partners and the junior professionals has also resulted in a highly negative organizational climate.

Analysis of Issues

            Terra Nova has been a renowned name in the market. It has been reaping in reasonable results in the past. The company had employed top notch employees from the industry who have been a part of the company. However, over a period of time, the profits have been declining and the company has been unable to hold on to the most talented individuals within the firm.

            The company has been unable to make the employees or the stakeholders become aligned to the change that has been proposed by the management. The company is planning to revamp the brand name and also the slogan for the company. The employees, however, have been resistant to the change and have shown their concerns over the decision (Ken & Gary, 2014).

Organization's change management model - Beckhard and Harris’s Change-Management Process model

The organizational change model that shall be appropriate within Terra Nova to make the customers accustomed to the change would be the Beck hard and Harris’s Change-Management Process model. The reason is simple; the company has to actually bring in change where it needs to focus on the younger generation to take over.

Beck hard and Harris’s Change-Management Process model is a three step model. The first step includes the focus on process. The second step of the model is the gap analysis. The final step of the change model presented by Beck hard and Harris is to manage the transition. The above three steps basically help in the successful integration of the business model where the company can bring in the desired change within the firm (Beckhard, R., 1987).

Along with this, the company has been facing cultural issues also. The retiring professionals are divesting their money out of the business. The management is also facing issues where the profits from several projects have not come.

Building Community at Terra Nova Consulting Case Solution

Based on such issues, Terry has proposed the management to transform the company. He has proposed to rename the company as TNC, and the slogan as “The greatest minds on earth.” Since most of the partners and stakeholders have resisted the change, the model developed that is by Beck hard and Harris would be the most appropriate change process model in this situation.

In order to actually implement the model, the first step needs to be the assessment of the change. Since the profits have declined for Terra Nova, youngsters feel they are neglected, the cultural differences have also been quite evident therefore, and the company needs to find a change which can bring positive results. The negative attribute of the change is the fact that the change might not be taken positively by the older employees and they might resist the change (Beck hard, R., 1987)....................................................

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