Building Brand Community on the Harley-Davidson Posse Ride Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Building Brand Community on the Harley-Davidson Posse Ride

Key Points

            The Harley Owners Groups organized as a division of Harley Davidson, and operated at domestic, national and global level. The members of the H.O.G are capable to meet other riders, organize social ties, contribute in the community service and most importantly ride their motorcycle together. H.O.G owners undertake leadership and management responsibilities frequently in all divisions. In 1999, 1,160 active H.O.G chapters were existed. H.O.G members have several benefits that facilitated the Harley Davidson Motor company. One of the benefits that H.O.G provided to the Harley Motor Company was Rallies, the main benefit of the Group rally lies in its skill to effectively manage riders in a diversified community. In order to select the rolling rally, management strategy was focused on “The Road Less Traveled”. The Vice President of the Harley Davidson Motor Company wants to explore the opportunities in America.

Issues identification

            One of the main issues that need to be considered for H.O.G’s Director is the rolling rally future prospect, whether it should continue in the product line or ignored? If it is considered, then what strategy should be implemented in the future to achieve the desired objectives? In the paper, there is a detailed discussion to understand the world’s strongest brand community’s brand loyalty and relationship marketing programs. In the paper, issues related to relationship management also discussed such as:

  • Can brand community be created? If created what is the procedure?
  • What should be the role of the marketer in relationship management?
  • Is it beneficial to build customer empathy while executing the customer satisfaction?
  • Can management consider the change in the culture, i.e. retired bikers, Yuppie Weekend Warriors within the community?


There are various opportunities for Harley Davidson to expand the business such as: there is a significant increase in the number of women and young riders, so the company should utilize that factor in a positive way. They should engage the younger generation because the baby boomers sales will ultimately decrease. In order to grow in the long term and strengthen the customer base, Harley Davidson should utilize their brand image efficiently....................

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Second Harley-Davidson Posse Ride, a grueling 2,300 miles, 10-day tour of South Padre Island, Texas, to the Canadian border is paid "for serious riders only." Harley Owner Group (HOG) Director Mike Keefe must solve this rolling rally HOG deserves a place in the product line, and if so, what kind of philosophy and tactics to adopt in the future design. This case helps students to get inside one of the world's strongest brands to consider brand loyalty, close to the client philosophy, growing brand community, and day-to-day execution of relationship marketing programs. What are the benefits in relation to a program such as this? Brand community can be built? How? What is the role of marketing in the process? Is it better to develop customer intimacy and empathy when performing close to the customer objectives? Can management really seems to balance the different subcultures, such as a retired biker warriors yuppie weekend and serious criminals in one community? Includes color exhibits.
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by Susan Fournier Source: Harvard Business School 37 pages. Publication Date: August 23, 2000. Prod. #: 501015-PDF-ENG

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