Buchanan Renewables: Bringing Power to Liberia Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Liberia has just come out of a massive civil war that destroyed almost all of its power system. This case focuses on a proposal that was presented for the creation of two 17 megawatt facilities to provide power to the capital, Monrovia.

The case can be taught from two different dimensions, (1) an energy case, which describes the options available of alternative supply, (2) examining the question, that whether Liberia should start the project that could create hundreds of jobs by providing supply power immediately, which some of the key donor agencies think would cost too much and could create a massive financial burden on the Liberian Electric Company, the distribution company owned by the state?

This case demonstrates the various energy alternatives present for developing countries in sub-Saharan Africa. It also shows a need to decide between the accomplishments of short term political and energy goals versus choosing the options that might not be available for 4-6 years but are less expensive.

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Buchanan Renewables: Bringing Power to Liberia

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