Bonnier: Digitalizing the Media Business Case Study Analysis Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Bonnier: Digitalizing the Media Business Case Study Analysis

What specific approaches did Bonnier and Öhrvall use to overcome related challenges?

In order to overcome the potential challenges faced by the organization, the media managers belonging to each division were the primary part of the Research and Development team. This significantly ensured the differences and ideas of opinions upheld by the division managers that were taken under consideration by the research and development team. In order to keep the services updated with the new technological innovations and remain competitive in the print media industry, Ohrvall moved to San Francisco. All the leading social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter with rapid growth had headquarters in California whereas recently, Bonnierhad acquired an approximate of fortydifferent magazines in the United States.

Hence, it was considered apractical approach in the determination of the innovation potential in terms of organizational expansion within the country. In order to deal with the change in consumer perception, the entire team had significantly represented efficient performance for the development of the prototype of an application hypothetically. The illustration of the prototype was primarily in the form of a video uploaded to Vimeo which led to the noticeable success with an approximate of 200,000 views in the first week of its launch and gained a quite positive response. (Pisano, 2012)The reward to the efforts of the team took place in January 2010while the introduction of a new iPad by Apple Inc. Additionally, despite the translation of the existing content, the key focus of Bonnier was associated with the identification of new ways of generating increased revenues with the use of a new technological approach. Thus, the offer of the designing services of magazine to other publishers in the market was provided by the team of Research &Development, which led to thedevelopment of the Mag+ application......................


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