Boblbee (D): The Urban Backpack Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

IMD-3-1614 © 2006
Leleux; Benoit F.; Schwass; Joachim; Lindblom; Anna

It needs an integrative analysis of an entrepreneurial chance born in Sweden in 1996. It explains the chance- the backpack Boblbee- its technical information; marketing; and supply chain and the market in which it is expected to contend.

In general the case offers the students the chance to: 1) eveluate Boblbee as an entrepreneurial chance; 2) think about a possible financial investment chance; 3) assess the significant danger elements and obstacles moving forward and the best ways to handle them; 4) specify Boblbee's Customer Value Proposition; 5) establish an extensive internally-consistent company design; covering supply chain and production; marketing and sales; entry and development techniques; funding; and so on. This case series was the 2006 EFMD award winner in the classification "Entrepreneurship".

Subjects: Integrative case; Entrepreneurship; Strategy; Product design; Innovation; Growth
Settings: Sweden; United States; Japan; Continental Europe; Sporting goods and apparel; Turnover 2003 $2.5 million; 1996- 2004

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Boblbee (D): The Urban Backpack

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