Blockchain: A New Solution For Supply Integrity Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Blockchain: A New Solution For Supply Integrity Case Study Solution

Non- Presence of Digital Transformation

Another challenge the companies face is that the emergence of blockchain is digital presence. It is feasible for all the digitally transformed companies to start, but still the companies that are not fully transformed,face many issues. The evaluation criteria dependsupon the companies’ policies, their structure, nature of business, norms, and rules and regulations.

Benefit from Adopting and Implementing Blockchain

The kinds of companies and businesses that can get benefit from adopting and implementing blockchain within their supply chain, are discussed below:

  • Retail industry.
  • Shipping industry.

1.      Retail Industry

Retails is the process, which provides goods and services to its customers using different mode of channels to make profits.

Walmart is one of the leading global brands in retail industry. By using the blockchain, it can track its products from their roots. The scanning process in Walmart tells them about the product and from where it has been originated.  Blockchain will increase the customers’ trust on Walmart, as they will be able to know about their products and the company’s re-stocking process.

2.      Shipping Industry

The shipping industry transports physical goods, commodities, and cargo. The blockchain will allow the companies to track their cargo’s data. Maersk is the largest shipping company in the world, which conducted a research on blockchain in March 2017, in order to understand the benefits of blockchain in managing its operations. In this research, the Maersk, Dutch customs and the Homeland Security noticed their access to cargo’s data and later on they suggested that blockchain technology will streamline and help in securing the international shipping.

3.      Airways

The airline industry is used to provide air transport services to passenger and freight. The British Airways is the best example, who has adopted the blockchain technology to manage its data. The Airline has successfully fought against its competitors, using one unchangeable history source, the airline hoped to reduce conflicting flight information coming from gate monitors, flight apps, and the airline's website.


The case has discussed the major issues which the companies face in adopting the blockchain technology, but most of the companies have successfully established a platform to work with this advanced technology, to secure their data. Still in the 21st century; most of the companies resist change and prefer to work with what they have been doing in past. But to  remain competitive in the market they need to be more advanced, to increase their market share and secure their personal data................................


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