Bidding for Antamina, Spanish Version Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In June of year 1996, executives of the multinational mining corporation RTZ-CRA contemplate bidding to attain the Antamina copper and zinc mine in Peru. Auction is offering for sale the Antamina project as part of the privatization of the state mining company of Peru. RTZ CRA has to establish what the mine is worth and decide whether and how it should bid in the upcoming auction.

The bidding rules put in place by the Peruvian authorities order that each firm's bid include two parts: an up front cash sum and an amount the bidder will invest to develop the property if development is warranted after additional exploration is finished.

PUBLICATION DATE: January 17, 2008 PRODUCT #: 208S20-PDF-SPA

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Bidding for Antamina, Spanish Version

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