Best Buy: Merging Lean Six Sigma with Innovation Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Best Buy:Merging Lean Six Sigma with Innovation Case Solution 

Question: 01        

 Environment and culture of Best Buy:

The environment of Best buy is encouraging, supportive, goal oriented as well as friendly and relaxing for the employees. The management of the company encourages the employees and gives them tasks on the basis of their strength that helps the management in order to build confidence among employees. The management supports employees to achieve assigned goals. Moreover, the management allow its employees to work in their own style and perform effectively on their assigned goals. It is expected that such flexible working style helps the management in order to make employees more relaxed and comfortable, which creates friendly environment in the company as well as employees become more motivated to achieve their goals effectively.

The culture of Best Buy is based on continuous innovation,as the management of the company encourages its employees to bring innovation in their work and achieve their goals by using innovative and creative working style. The management of the company should analyze as well as evaluate the employees’performance on individual basis according to their respective strengths and outcomes.

In addition to this, trust plays a major role in the culture of the company. This is because trust helps the management to develop “the strengths-based culture” in the company by giving responsibility and freedom to the employees to achieve their challenging goals. In order to this, the management should trust on its employees and make connection between strength, trust and performance. This connection helps the management to bring innovative and creative energy in the company.

Along with this, flexible time for work is also a part of the company culture. This is because the management of the company introduced a ROWC (Result-Oriented Work Environment) program in which the employees of the company decide themselves the time and place for work but they need to give required performance to the company....................

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