Ben & Jerry Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


Ben & Jerry has been one of the most renowned and well known ice cream companies which is a division of Anglo-Dutch Unilever conglomerate which has been into manufacturing ice cream, sorbet, frozen yogurts and ice cream novelty products. All these products are being manufactured by Ben & Jerry Homemade Holdings, Inc. which is headquartered in Burlington, Vermont, United States with the main factory or the business being in Walter bury, Vermont. The company has been well known as the premium ice cream brand which was founded way back in the year 1978. The first outlet or space for Ben & Jerry was in a renovated petrol station in Vermont (Lager, 1994).

The business was started initially by two childhood friends namely Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield. The initial investment made by the two partners was a mere $12,000 out of which $4,000 was borrowed. The brand soon became a popular entity because of its innovative and new flavors. The products or the ice creams manufactured by the company were made from Vermont’s fresh milk and cream. Following its success, in 2001, Unilever acquired the company. In spite of being acquired by such a large company, Ben & Jerry were able to maintain its artisan spirit. However, currently Ben & Jerry distributes ice cream, frozen yogurts, low fat ice cream and the sorbet across the United States market and some other countries as well. They sell ice cream through Ben and Jerry scoop shops, groceries, convenient stores, and renowned restaurants (Moore, 2009).

The image or the perception of the brand in the mind of customer is that it is made with care and love without making it a scientific product or manufactured through traditional methods. The impression or the image of the company is given through the advertising campaigns where each pot is unique as the two batches never have the same quantity of ingredients. The unique attributes of the company have been innovation and the new features that the company has always launched into the product portfolio to ensure high customer satisfaction for the returning and valued customers. During the initial phase of its operations, Ben & Jerry have been able to win loyal customers flowing among a very small numbers of consumers who have actually liked and preferred using the product. Ben & Jerry was the first one to include sweets, biscuits, nuts and chocolates. The company initially had a very small group of unconventional and non-conformists consumers who have been living in various locations of the United States.

Over a period of time, the products have held sufficiently mass market appeal which has made Ben & Jerry a renowned ice cream brand in the United States market. The company maintains the image of being an innovative brand in the industry. Therefore, it can be said that the brand has become one of the major ice cream brands in the market because of the quality it produces and the way it has portrayed itself in the market. Since Ben and Jerry have established itself in various international markets, the company has looked to expand its reach to customers across various countries in the world. At present, Ben & Jerry is available in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom and the United States of America. The country suggested to enter Ben & Jerry selected is Iran. (Wieder, 2003).

History of Iran

Iran previously known as Persia in the western world has a tangled history of being a large region which was also called as Greater Iran which comprises of Anatolia and Egypt, whereas, in the west the borders of Ancient India and Syr Darya in the east. Iran has been the home of one of the world’s oldest civilization with the urban and historical settlements dating back to the 4000 BC. Iran was unified as a nation in the 625 BC. The Achaemenid Empire was founded by Cyrus the Great. He was the first of the Persian empires to rule the Balkans to the North Africa and also to the Central Asia was their capital. It was succeeded by the Empire of Seleucid, Parthians and Sasanians who actually governed Iran for almost 1000 years that would put Iran once again as one of the leading powers of the world which is only the arch rival to the Roman Empire and succeeded it by Byzantine Empire...........................

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