Canada was the most successful country in the innovations of technological advancements, it comprised of the competitive forces who contributed for the development of an economy through the use of high-tech engineering solutions and other major contributions to developing the paper products and machinery. In the case, it was analysed that Boise had the competitive advantage over turnkey operations to provide high-tech solutions to its customers. On the other hand, the paper industry was booming its results over the past four decades.

Northern Paper Incorporation was considered to be an integrated paper mill, which was located in the Ontario, Canada. While the recent conditions were positive for the company to bid for high growth value as well as increase the competitive advantage over other selected rivals. It was demanded by Boise Corporation regarding the bid offer for the company.

 Therefore, the offer was followed by various processes in order to acquire the company for a short period. Allison (senior account manager in Northern Ontario for Boise) determined the potential benefits of post-acquisition of Northern Paper; he concluded that a minimum bid of $1.2 million would take place to control the entity over the next few years of acquisition.

On June 3, 2011, it was supposed to introduce the new superior products under the recent technological investments rather than going for new development in the new technology. So the fixed amount of bid was considered to be the same price as discussed in the previous bid. Until the early period of August, the communication regarding the bid of Northern paper was successful in order to complete the process for acquisition.

 But at the end of the month, there was no response from the Northern Papers due to some reasons that were not discussed with the counter party. After ten days, an email was received from the Dan Reynolds that Northern had signed with another party for the bid with no reason to leave the recent bid offer by the Boise.

 So this was very disappointed news for the management as well as Allison because they were already prepared to set all the changes of post-acquisition. This particular event had lost the adjusted revenues as well as the production level of engineering the products and the sales team that would be involved in a combined way. Allison didn't know the reason of such event and therefore started to review all the process activities involved in the process.

Strategy for Boise's competitive positioning

The case analysed the importance of new technological innovations and its competitive advantages over other industries. Boise, in that case, was one of the successful stories of technological advancements. It had considered being the most state-of-art product line processes with extra features that raised the competitive positioning within a market.

On the other side, the company involved in the latest technological advancements in turnkey operations as compared to other industries and thus considered to be the customer's demanded solution provider. While certain strategies could boost the level of position under the Monopoly terms. In the automotive systems, it had the highest-resolution graphics related to system monitors that would make easier to control the operations.

The proposed system of updated high-resolution systems would enable the company to grab almost the entire market because none of the competitors would be able to introduce such technological innovation. On the other hand, this proposed systems would benefit the customers to make choices of the order and could have the authority to make adjustments within a system.

With the latest technology of Boise, it seems that the new improved results could be generated through automotive systems under optimal control, this new technology would enable to increase the demand for paper production and thus could be achieved if the systems would be merged with the system of a paper mill............

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