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Green, just as there is a non-profit "economic development organization supporting small, independent producers in poor communities in Guatemala." The founder was an American named Franklin Voorhes. As green as it gets shared by the authors of the 18 farmers and by 2008 had expanded their efforts on jewelry and textile business, and reforestation programs. Voorhes felt that the organization had begun to get some traction. But, despite the success of the organization, Voorhes still some major issues related to its future. On the one hand, he wondered, how to balance the supply and demand of coffee, while the growing green, just as there is. He is also concerned about institutional stability, as green as it is largely dependent on their knowledge, attitudes and practices. Finally, he worries about financial stability, as all the money earned went straight to the coffee farmers and artisans. "Hide
by Victoria Chan, Jesper Sorensen Source: Stanford Graduate School of Business 31 pages. Publication Date: May 14, 2008. Prod. #: OB71-PDF-ENG

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As Green As It Gets

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