Andrew Ryan at VC Brakes Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Andrew Ryan at VC Brakes Case Solution

Question 1: Should Ryan stay at VC Brakes and continue to help with the TQM initiative


Analysis of the Current Situation at VC Brakes

VC Brakes is an auto parts manufacturer in Middle town, Ohio, which makes parts for automobile manufacturers as well as for the market for the purpose of repair. Due to the economic recession of 2008, there was tension in the market, which made the ongoing situation felt graver. Moreover, there were ongoing clashes going on between the departments of VC Brakes. There were petty issues which were not resolved and had taken root to cause harm to the company’s performance. Before the recession everyone was benefitingin the market when VC Brakes was supplying parts for Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) and special trucks.

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When the recession came and production was lowered by considerable amount, it was felt that the small issues hada huge impact on the operations of the company. With the change of ownership of VC Brakes from Lantana Industrial to Crossroads Corporation, there came the time to counter this problem of defected productivity of the company. Crossroads came with the strategy of implementing Total Quality Management (TQM) for the purpose of bringing out good results. TQM is defined as a business approach, which aims at provision of quality products to achieve customer satisfaction. (Gul, Jaffry, Rafiq, & Naeem, 2012). TQM has proved to be beneficial for organizations. The increase employee involvement at all levels, accountability, training at extensive level. Not just in corporate world, but TQM has proved well enough in military and government organizations, hospitals, and food manufacturing companies (Green, 2006). Andrew Ryan, Senior Manager of Engineering Services Division,was known well for his success as the division. He, along with John Kante, was appointed on training and implementing the TQM at the departmental level. They both had some departmental friction between them but they overcame those because of dedication shown by them towards achieving the TQM dream successfully. A lot of resistance was being faced from the supervisor level as they had their fears from this system from getting implemented. Lastly, the president of VC Brakes got retired and VP Operations, James Baynard, was appointed at his place. Ryan’s position is in danger as he could be the fired or demoted like his VP. Baynard has offered him to work on the project of TQM because of his bright past record.

Andrew Ryan should stay with VC Brakes as he had brought the Engineering Services Department from the darkness in the past. This situation is larger than the previous one but due to the management skills and open door policy, he can handle this situation very well. First, he should ask for authoritative position where he can implement his orders on any department, which is concerned with resistance to change. Secondly, he should identify the underlying fears of the supervisors who are resisting. This will be used to secure their position and hence, motivating them to go along with the change process. Thirdly, he should make the supervisors realize the importance of TQM and the projected levels of perfection, which can be achieved from it. The forth step will be to make them follow participative management style. He should be authoritative enough to fire the ones who are abiding by the participative style and are hurdles in implementing it. Bringing in new blood into organization will be on the criteria of how much flexible they are with the subordinates and promote the participative style of management. Positive Reinforcement has to be used in the form of incentivizing for the problems solved using TQM. In addition to this, the points should be given for abiding by the TQM principles taught to the superiors....................

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