Analysis of Staples Inc. and Office Depot Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Analysis of Staples Inc. and Office Depot Case Solution



Staples Inc. is the leading organization to provide office store products however and whenever the customers needed through providing the services of stores, online as well as on mobile devices. With the help of aggressive growth plans, the company is offering more products including the facilities and break room supplies, technology, medical supplies, furniture and copy and print services in North and South America, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. The company is traded on NASDAQ-SPLS and it is in a growing trend throughout the history which is evident from its strongest retail presence throughout the world.

The owners of the company are highly committed to grow beyond the office supplies by analyzing the changing needs of the customers. By reduction in the prices of the products and implementing the dynamic pricing tools, the company has succeeded in achieving the wider number of customers. The managers through applying appropriate strategies of reducing the cost and doing acquisitions have increased the profits, which also resulted in the addition of number of stores each year.



The company has currently more than 2000 stores in various parts of the world which reflects its strong brand presence. The company offers a variety of products with the help of using the offline, online as well as on mobile devices which is its key competitive strength for the company. The company does business with multiple countries as Staple Advantage by employing more than 100000 employees all over the world.

The company invests heavily on its marketing division which through its creative advertisement using different channels has helped enhanced its brand visibility. Moreover, the company has implemented effective corporate social responsibility for its employees by providing appropriate environment of work, ethics and diversity and inclusion which resulted in providing competitive edge for the company.


The company still did not succeed in the penetration into the emerging economies due to the tough competition, the market share of the company is not up to the level of the global leaders in the market. The debt position of the company is also not favorable because of its high reliance which also resulted in the under performance of its stock.

The company’s staff turnover is relatively very high which increases its cost. Moreover, the supply chain of the company is also not efficient which is causing the profits of the company to go down. The company despite of its benefits was still not able to succeed in the international market.


The biggest opportunity for the company is its online presence, which can help the company gain lots of customers around the world. Moreover, its further penetration in the emerging economies can help the company in enhancement. This expansion in the international market can help the company in increasing the company’s overall profit. Moreover, better customer relationship can help the company in gaining more market share.


The biggest threat for the company is the intense competition in the market with the fierce price wars. Moreover, the expectation of changes in the government policies as well as changes in the regulations on foreign direct investment is also creating threats for the company.

The expansion in more offerings by the company may result in the dilution of the core competency of the company. Moreover, the increasing taxes, increasing rate of unemployment as well as decreasing growth in gross domestic product of the company are some of the key threats for the company...............

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