Analysis of Building Products and Sustainable Construction in Canada Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Analysis of Building Products and Sustainable Construction in Canada Case Study Solution

Cultural Factors

In Canada, the construction industry has been establishing a culture that is conducive to improved skills and innovation. The entire industry in Canada is in increasing competition for the talent. In addition to this, the construction industry in Canada is also favorable for the improvement and innovation, knowledge sharing and collaboration, inclusion and diversity, ethical principles related to the environment, and safety and transparency. There is a forward looking and innovative friendly culture that tends to allow the companies to innovate and bring new ideas, thoughts and high tech solutions in the market to compete with the giant market rivals, so that they would be able to maximize the market share, improve the productivity, boost sales and increase the bottom line growth. Quanex should focus on sales agents as well as distributors’ training, because it would allow the company to contribute to more vibrant company culture. Also, the company should foster the culture of the proactive knowledge sharing by articulating the guiding principles and objectives for it and provide appropriate incentives as well.

It is imperative to note that the training and recruitment strategy need to be adequate for the purpose of explaining the orientation of culture likely to exist in company. The inadequacy of the training initiatives and recruitment strategies tend to point the lack of homogeno us culture within an organization. There are various recommended measures in terms of culture for improving the company’ performance. Such as, it is significantly important for the manager to understand the ways to motivate and communicate their workers, also gives incentives to workers to improve their morale, offering insights in effective manner for the purpose of transferring technology to the local construction companies and effectively integrate the contribution of the project participants.

The construction industry in Canada includes the design of the infrastructure and buildings, the manufacture of equipment and machinery and building products for maintenance, operations and construction and disposal of facilities. It is noteworthy that Canada is one of the diverse country, and in the history of Canada, the diversity has been playing significant role. The shortage of the skilled labor has been obstructing the growth of the construction companies in Canada. The Canadian government has been dealing with such situation with the development of people, it tend to encourages the appropriate experience and skills to country.

The construction industry in Canada is engaged in various initiatives that tend to deliver the intangibles such as creative problem-solving and innovative ideas. The productivity gains has begun when the construction companies have setup retention and recruitment and improves the workplace diversity and inclusion (D&I), this in turn have resulted in effective and efficient workforce where all the employees are supported to work collaboratively to their full potential. Also, the Canadian construction companies have been immensely committed in various initiatives that are designed with the intent of fostering D&I, they are often packaged in action plans including coaching, training, focus groups and mentoring, career development and networking.  The industry player are supposed to setup their concerned efforts in leveraging technologies and new technologies, thus fostering the couture of innovation, this would solve the long standing industry issues. The culture of construction tend to be certain in changing as tech-savvy millennial taking the reins.

Technological Factors

The impact of technology and innovation on construction industry in Canada is inevitable, because various technological tool shave huge potential to improve the productivity, safety and efficiency. Also, there needs to be a will for investing as well as implementing solutions in forthcoming years.

In addition to this, the technology transfer is one of the priority of the government. The Canadian government has formed the smart Net-Zero Energy Buildings Strategic Network with the major focus on the passive solar technologies and active building envelope systems. The implementation of new technology has improved productivity, while making the construction safer for the workforce. Notably, in Canada, the construction industry has significantly improved its market image by renewing its focus on implementing technology; aiming at the future of the construction industry. The construction industry in Canada has fostered the culture of innovation that is an ultimate source of competitiveness and long term growth. Additionally, the advancements in technology and knowledge have created a new pressure for the construction companies in Canada to innovate and come up with quality product and innovation(Iqaluit, 2018). The improvement in the construction needs to explore the market diversification, productivity and profitability. Whilst there are many benefits of technology in construction industry in Canada such as a reduction in labor because of the use of robots, software and machines depicts a lower demand for workers in Construction Company.


Since, the imports of HVACR in Canada has been increasing from the United States at the compound annual rate of 6.3%, and imports of the U.S lighting products has been increased at compound annual growth rate of 3.7% .The plumbing import of Canada from the United States has been increased at the annual compound rate of 3.5%, and more specifically the import of the windows and doors has been increased at the annual compound rate of 5.2% during 2009-2014.Shortly, the increasing import from the United States provides an opportunity to Quanex for exporting its products in the U.S market to increase its market share, strengthen its presence, and build brand awareness, and customer loyalty as well.

In addition to this, it is noteworthy that the United States significantly holds 61.9 percent share of the import market of Canada, which indicates that the United States has impressively expanded its market in Canada, which in turn has also resulted in better margins and larger economies of scale.


To sum up, it is to conclude that despite of the intense or fierce competition in the construction industry of Canada, weak Canadian dollar and declining prices of commodity; the construction market in Canada is attractive since it is one of the significantly important driver of the overall economy of Canada, and it is known as the largest market for infrastructure, commercial and residential development. Also, the construction industry in Canada has undergone tremendous growth and development. In addition to this, the economy in Canada is quite stable as compared to other western countries, which in turn allows the company to export the products in the Canadian market to strengthen the market position, increase sales and gain an additional expertise in Canadian construction market.............



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