American Barbell Stainless Steel Olympic Bar Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

American Barbell Stainless Steel Olympic Bar Case Study Solution

American Barbell's Stainless Steel Bearing Bar includes vast variety of benefits and features which no other barbell in the market is able to deliver. The technology in American Barbell’s is embedded in such a way, that they have the ability to spin smoother and longer, even at the heavier weight, thus providing no choke or clang to the barbell.

The bar shaft is constructed with precise align stainless steel. The shaft’s compatibility of strength is tested with raw material to make sure that they are providing an exact 190,000 PSI tensile strength. With so much focus on specifications, it also produces an excellent whip and durable performance of the barbell.  Though stainless steel is corrosion resistance, it can also be cleaned and repaired without having no damage to the barbell. With an addition of knurling set in stainless steel, it provides an esthetic feeling while lifting while, which is very hard to found in other barbells.

American Barbell Stainless Steel Olympic Bar Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


The sleeves of the bar are accurately welded to reduce the need of any failure in future. Though, American barbell makes sure that the weld doesn’t come towards plate holding disk, which will give a bad design. Coating of hard chrome is done on each sleeve to make them withstand any certain drop. Sleeves also have American Barbell’s proprietary included bearing system with heavy load ratings than any other barbell available. A chalk and dust seal is also included to make the bearing life, as longer as possible.

Table of Content:

  1. Product Description
  2. Specification and Features
  3. Pros and Cons
  4. Final Verdict and Review

Product Description

American Barbell’s Stainless Steel Bearing Bar comes in the list of, one of the best Olympic bars. Though with that factor, they are also included in the list of one of the expensive ones too. The basic and standard specifications is very much like Rogue Olympic Weight lifting bar. They both have a weight of 20kg, along with 28mm Olympic bearing and an aggressive tensile of 190,000 PSI.

Stainless steel is superior when compared with every other shaft material or finish like chrome, black zinc and black oxide. Not only they are oxidation resistant but also provides a comfortable and secure grip which no other finish can compare to. Having an aggressive knurling pattern, doesn’t really mean that bar will going to stick to your hands, thus it will provide a secure grip that will help you to work out much longer. The American Barbell Stainless Steel bar comes in the list of only two bar shafts that have a maximum rating of exactly ten for grip and knurl quality..................

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