Alara Agri: Fresh Cherry Production Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Alara Agri, based in Bursa, Turkey, is one of the world's leading cherry and fig producers. On some of the conveyor belts of the plant, lots thus delayed order fulfillment, and of cherries of one size waited to be packed while other belts had too few cherries to keep workers active. As cherries were sorted by size diverting excess cherries from a busy line to an underutilized line was not an alternative.

One solution the CEO had measured was to construct another line that is processing at a cost of US$2 million, although he believed a better solution may be achieved by changing the procedure or reconfiguring the flow of the machine. The CEO wondered how best to improve capacity with the equipment they had. To assist in his decision, he analyzed corporate data with regards to creation amounts and earnings, anticipated size distribution of cherries, incoming cherries received in tonnes, and the plant layout and packaging alternatives.


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Alara Agri: Fresh Cherry Production

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