A Transition towards Data Driven Business Model (DDBM) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

A Transition towards Data Driven Business Model (DDBM) Case Study Solution

The DDBM is composed of the following dimensions:

  1. Target Outcome: The core of business is to help in improving the editor’s decision to make the experience of users and advertisers much better by utilizing Big Data Analytical Approaches.
  2. Offering: The firm provides personalized data to the users, it also provides information about the products and services based on user preferences and lastly it gives knowledge about the advertisers for automatic recommendation.
  3. Data Source: Nettavisen uses both external and internal sources of information by collecting the data from social media, blogging, click stream and mobile data available.
  4. Key Activities: The activities of the company are in several steps. In the first step, the data is acquired from various sources as discussed above for example; blogging and mobile data etc. The second stage is that acquired data from various sources is then merged. In the third step the merged data is then processed and this processing of the data is mostly real time using various tools. Then, in the fourth step, various functions like statistical dashboards are carried out for the descriptive analysis of the data. Then comes the fifth and last step where predictions are made by looking at the results received after the application of the step four and based on those predictions; recommendations regarding content and advertising are given to the company’s management.
  5. Revenue Model: The revenue stream of the company is from advertisement. By effectively completing all the steps discussed above, the firm would be able to earn the maximum revenue.

Nettavisen has a business model that is purely internet based and relies majorly on the revenue generation achieved from advertisements which is relatively different from the business models of Google and Facebook. As both Google and Facebook also earn from advertisements but Google is providing a free and open access to search for any type of information on the internet. For internet searching, there isn’t any fee to be charged and Google collects the search patterns of its users and uses it to target advertisement. On the other hand, Facebook provides an open social media platform for sharing news, advertisement, pictures, videos etc. and the company earns from ads as well.

Nettavisen is the online platform which collects the data of the users from various sources and is able to collect data about various dimensions and conversion of all that data help to target the advertisement in more relevant and precise way.

·Major Competitive Advantages of Nettavisen over Facebook and Google

The major competitive advantage of Nettavisen is that it has an opportunity to gather data of different sources such as mobile, desktop, user information etc. On the other hand Google and Facebook have limited access to specified information. This extended sources of the information helps the company in merging the data by using data analysis tools and data driven business models in order to make the more precise and accurate predictions regarding the advertisements. This increases the effectiveness of the company and increases the impact of its advertisements.

Moreover, Nettavisen also broadcasts news online which provides it a competitive edge over Facebook and Google, which do not providing any specific service or information, rather they are just platforms. So, Nettavisen can capitalize this advantage by providing timely and accurate information to the public and that can help the company to remain sustainable in the long-run.

·How Nettavisen Expand his Business beyond Norwegian Market

As, the company has improved a lot in Norway in the last five to six years and has become the third largest new company. And it has also turned to become profitable now, so in such case when the company has set its path to make profits,  now it is time for the company to expand its business beyond the borders. As the company has gained lot of success in the domestic market but has failed to reach out to global market. So this is the time for the company to expand its operation to other countries. For which, Nettavisen must start entering into neighbouring countries and then to European market.

·Other M&A Growth Opportunities

As, the company has developed the data driven business model, which can be used to expand its operation beyond from just earning revenues from advertisement. The company can use its advertising expertise to make good reputation in the news broadcasting companies. This  means that the company would be able to reach out to maximum people around the world.

This would increase the company’s advertisement revenues and it’d also become easy for the company to expand its operation, because once it establishes a reputation of being a good news broadcasting platform, then it can enter into other markets.

3.Other DDBMs that Nettavisen Should Pursue

As the company has grown well and needs to do more efforts to remain competitive in the market. Following are the some types of the Data Driven Business Model (DDBM).

·Key Data Sources and Activities for DDBM

The key sources of the data of Nettavisen includes both external and internal sources. Its internal data sources comprises of existing data base that were used for sales, advertising, readership, user ship, contents, accounting logs, click stream, mobile data, social networks etc. The firms has millions of users, where the proportion of mobile data users are more than that of desktop users. The online women magazine of the company has weekly women readers of 867,000, while the male users including both mobile and desktop make the number of visitors up to 700,000, which shows the greater number of female visitors.

Moreover, the company collects a range of unstructured data from various digital platforms, which includes video, audio, reams and photos from the text of social media. As the company doesn’t have printed products, the management relies more on social media platforms to collect the information rather than going into the public places to gather the information from individuals.

·Customers/Users of DDBM

Customers of the DDBM are the advertising companies that will pay for the ads and the users would be the one who’d use the various sources like social media, desktop, reader etc. So in order to get the maximum benefit, the company needs to focus on making an effective use of the user’s data to better predict the information. This would attract more customers.

·Strategy for Nettavisen to Monetise DDBM and Generate Revenues

As the firm has grown and expanded its operation in last five to six years but now to make the optimal use of DDBM and to gain effective results Nettavisen needs to focus more on analysing the data and improving the process for the better prediction of the advertisement towards the customers. This will help the company to increase the impact of the advertisement, which in result would attract more customers ultimately resulting in increased revenues

·Barriers that Nettavisen Consider While Perusing this DDBM

There are several barriers that Nettavisen can face while pursuing the data driven business model (DDBM).

First thing that the management of Nettavisen should consider is to keep the user’s data confidential and avoiding the un-ethical use of the data. As the company has large sources of the data and the amount of data is very large, so there is a potential threat of data breach,  because even a single case of data breach can ruin the whole business and reputation of the business........


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