1366 Technologies: Scaling the Venture Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

For some time, in 1366 co-founders, Frank van Mierlo and Ely Sachs, faced with a choice, which is now becoming even more severe: 1366 could expand to produce wafer itself, raising the necessary capital from "friendly" investors and building shipment volume slowly or 1366 can accelerate your time to market dramatically cooperation with Asian manufacturers, who began to dominate the world of solar energy. While rapid growth was appealing to 1366 and current investors, the company believes that it will face serious risks if exposed their intellectual property "wrong" partners. 1366 is not going to lose control of their technology, but given the pace of innovation and the active role of the government in the solar industry, van Mierlo Sachs and feared it could not be a race that can be won cautious.
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by Joseph B. Lassiter, Ramana Nanda, David Kiron, Evan Richardson Source: Harvard Business School 24 pages. Publication Date: March 25, 2011. Prod. #: 811076-PDF-ENG

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1366 Technologies: Scaling the Venture

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