One way of reducing disinter mediation is to eliminate the direct contact between the users. The organization can introduce a platform where all the contact information are hidden or removed and the only way to contact and message is by using company’s platform but to have such a platform, the organization needs to invest heavily for the model which provides all the services related to hiring processes. Remember the firm can’t really eliminate all disinter mediation rate, there would be some users who would try to find out the way for direct contact.

Another way to get your users back is to offer reasonable membership fee or the organization can offer your services in different weekly and monthly packages. For this the organization needs to study their competitors very closely that what and how are they offering the services and you can attract your users back buy offering something unique.

Another way to get your market share back and avoiding disinter mediation is offering mind blowing customer services and offering something that can make user’s job easier. For this purpose the organization can contact with other businesses and can propose an offer of co-product that can befit both the organizations. Moreover, building reputation and trust also leaves an impact on customer behavior. It’s the classical method of getting users back but it is a completely true method. The organization can build trust by asking for the feedback on each of their service activity and if there’s a problem they can fix it as soon as they can and that will not only strengthen the trust but also attract more customers by positive word of mouth.

Apart from all these techniques the organization had the option to find another segment in the market and serve them with a new idea. Finding the gap in market is really difficult but if found out, with unique idea the organization will enjoy the upside.

Answer 4:

Despite having good reputation and success, ZBJ faced a lot of problems and uncertainties on the way to success. At first the core problem for the organization was elimination of disinter mediation and firm tried its best to find out the ways to solve the issue and restructured business model to other direction. Few months later after applying new model the owner realized to offer a commission free platform for the users; this idea attracted the users again.

Currently the firm is facing a tough competition from its domestic competitors. There are few giant businesses in the market which just started their part business as the direct competitors to ZBJ and the upper management is not taking them as threat to business but if they found out a gap in the their market and came up with another unique idea then it can cause a big damage to firm’s revenue.

For the solution in next campaign ZBJ should target their existing and new customers to make position that when the word outsourcing come into their mind the first company they think would be ZBJ. Always try to remind the customers that ZBJ is still best in the market and none of the competitors can beat them, no matter how giant the corporation is; they can achieve this target through advertisement and by offering differentiation in their services.

Another challenge ZBJ is facing is customer’s complains about the lack of getting jobs or having unemployment. That was a complex problem to solve because those users were very selective in sort of accepting the employments. That’s an indication of changing customer behavior, there are few customers complaining right now but later on there could be more customers having the same problem. So finding a solution to this problem was very important to the firm. The same problem was with the service providers, when some of them were really demanding for the workers having best skills and abilities. Moreover, there was a problem with customer’s expectations, they were expecting much more than they were getting, although their qualifications wasn’t that high to get enough benefits that’s why they were not satisfied with the membership of ZBJ. In the next campaign ZBJ should try to communicate to the users and convince them that ZBJ is only a platform or intermediary which bring members and service providers together. They are just helping the members to get hired for their dream jobs and it’s not their responsibility to guarantee the dream job, although they are trying their best to improve and negotiate with service providers and try to get more service providers so that the customers or members can get a good job.

The third challenge ZBJ is facing is of surviving in global market under the brand name Wit mart.com. The idea was to capture the U.S and EU by offering the different membership packages but Wit mart wasn’t fulfilling the expectations of the founder due lack of attention and resources. The reason could be the cultural and environmental differences. ZBJ needs to hire a firm which can easily identify the core reasons and advise them on how to operate in a different market, Wit mart can further offer collaborations to well reputed local companies for their survival in very competitive market.

Answer 5:

ZBJ performed really well in past and achieved success despite of facing problems. The idea was really unique and attracted more indirect competitors and now the market is saturated and customer behavior is changed, now they can’t really rely on their old concept.

ZBJ is doing alternations to their idea by offering new services and collaborating with other firms and local governments but at the same time they are facing challenges in China.  They can replicate their outstanding performance, all they need is to focus together like they did in the past. As ZBJ, China is their core market; they need to focus more on China rather than on global market. Once they are done with all challenges in local market then it will be the ideal time to start their operations globally.

ZBJ can target both economies having advantages and disadvantages but at first they should go for the developed one because China’s market is developed market and  ZBJ hasn’t experienced operations in emerging economy yet so it would be hard for them to operate there but the market for the developed economies could be more saturated as the countries are developed technologically, so many other locals could be there with the same idea as ZBJ.

Similarly, in emerging economies they might have difficulty in their operations but competition would be low because the locals might not have good business models or financial resources or technology; which will enable ZBJ to have a big pool for expanding its operations..............


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