Yola: Managing Multiple Challenges Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The South-African originator of Yola, a San Francisco-located firm that provides simple site creation applications, has developed a vibrant industry that went from eight to more than 40 workers in only a year. He has procured two rounds of capital from a venture capitalist that was South African, and the increase in the Yola user base has been surpassing that forecast in the business plan. Yet the company faces multiple challenges.

Yola Managing Multiple Challenges Case Solution

The rapid growth in employees is also putting demands on the business in terms of incorporating people into the culture, and in locating a suitable organization structure. The business model for on-line offerings is also not yet established, and Yola has to deal with large complexity in terms of its sales models. The case maps the challenges of managing a successful company in an emerging and fast-growing industry, and specifically focuses on the incorporated selections that an entrepreneur has to take.


This is just an excerpt. This case is LEADERSHIP & MANAGING PEOPLE

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Yola: Managing Multiple Challenges

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