WWF Climate Savers Strategy: In Search of The “Giant Step Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

IMD-2-0139 © 2008
Steger, Ulrich; Ionescu-Somers, Aileen; Schwandt, Alexander

When first founded in 1998, the CS initiative was set up to appeal to US-based companies. It was ambitious and innovative with an aim of encouraging firms to reach absolute CO2- reduction, overcompensating growth, without hurting bottom lines. Results were verified by third parties. Later, WWF participated in the US and Europe, largely with 15 corporate associates. Ten years on, they had demonstrated the approach could be powerful… but that it had its limits. Companies were limiting themselves to small steps rather than taking more of the giant measures required. By 2008, the CO2-reduction marketplace had become more of a political dilemma and was becoming rather crowded. Ventures and new climate change initiatives had been popping up with startling regularity.

WWF Climate Savers Strategy In Search of The “Giant Step Case Solution

It appeared that everyone was on the bandwagon. A new and more focused WWF organizational strategy had driven the CS initiative to eventually become more autonomous (its budget was cut by some 50% over the previous five years). Business as usual wasn't an option. The challenge was to create a convincing, innovative new business model proposal with a funding plan that works to avoid phasing out the Climate Savers venture. The case study provides various background information for discussing these tactical choices. At once – after all, certainly CS cannot go for all four alternatives, strategy means selection! Learning objectives: The instance provides in the changes in NGO’s company environment, into generic business model innovation strategies, challenges in partnership between companies and NGOs, the best way to assess strategic options and Corporate Sustainability. 

Subjects: Business model innovation; Corporate sustainability; Climate change; Strategic management; Business environment Settings: Global; NGO; 2007 total Income of $890 million; 2008


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WWF Climate Savers Strategy: In Search of The “Giant Step

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