Bluewater Football Association Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Bluewater Football Association Ivey Case Solution

The amount of financing the fourth team in football association is yet to be identified by finance director. Community wants this new team to represent them. Community has asked the association to get players aged between 17 and 18. Director has to plan the cash budget and has to look for ways to cut costs in order to reduce the amount of finance.


The case is written to make students aware of budgeting and to introduce the spreadsheet software that can be used into business classrooms to complete the cash budget. Evaluation of different topics discussed in the case can also be done, using this spreadsheet software. To make sure that the students complete the assignment in full, inflows and outflows are kept simple.

Students are required to:

.Prepare a projected cash budget.

.State the amount required to field a new varsity team from the projected cash budget.

.State the amount to be increased in registration fees, considering the cash budget.

.State the amount students need to purchase their own equipments, considering the cash budget.

.State the effects of these two options after its implementation.

.Suggest what should be done to finance this new varsity team and what effects this team can have?

Bluewater Football Association Case Solution


Issues: cash budgeting, financing, professional firms, on profit organizations.

Written by authors; Elizabeth M.A, Ian Dunn, 5 pages long. Published on 20march, 2013, taken from Ivey.

Product no: 9B13B003

Revised: 11June, 2013

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