What Are the Logics Driving Your Firm? Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Almost all the organizations have some type of institutional logic defining what's taken for granted and what is appropriate or legitimate behaviour. Most banks, for instance, have a tendency to be driven by a financial sense focused on profit maximization, which has served investors well, but if taken to the extreme, may result in damaging effects, as evidenced by the disaster. Drawing on extensive research the author has conducted into community and green banking start-ups in the USA, Almandoz finds that the greater the percentage of founding managers with fiscal and banking expertise, the more likely those founding teams are to pursue profit-maximizing goals rather than demonstrate a meaningful commitment to a community; they hesitate more in their devotion to take up a bank, as well as leave the team for self-interested motives. As the banks hunt for redeeming themselves in light of the precarious mismanagement that weakened the whole global market, the author draws out a number of lessons for mounting a new community bank, which function as practical reminders for any company seeking to reconcile its mission with the needs of consumers, while also reconnecting with communities in vital and permanent ways.

What Are the Logics Driving Your Firm Case Study Solution


This is just an excerpt. This case is about LEADERSHIP & MANAGING PEOPLE

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What Are the Logics Driving Your Firm?

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